Our Brands

Our Brands

Exclusive Distribution

Alternative Product Distribution & Manufacturing

MMS Distro is a nationwide independent alternative distributor offering a full line of exclusive alternative products. Our exclusive alternative product line features supreme craftsmanship through tenacious attention to detail – at every level. 

Quality craftsmanship stems from a foundation of transparency and an obsessive focus on subtle details. Every aspect of MMS Distro brands meets and exceeds the needs of the market demanding more quality and transparency.

MMS Distro exclusive alternative products:

CorVash Farms 

Beleave CBD 



Lowell Herb Co

And more…

CorVash Farms provides the most trusted full-spectrum hemp CBD tincture on the market. An industry-leading whole-plant hemp CBD brand with accessible pricing. 

Beleave CBD offers CBD tincture, CBD shampoo & conditioner, CBD cream, and CBD products for pets. 

What makes Beleave CBD stand out among the competition is it’s verifiable 0.03% THC in all products. A true line of THC free CBD products utilizing organic natural ingredients.

Ignite (in partnership with Dan Blizerian) aims at developing the most trusted brands in the cannabis industry. 

Everything Dan produces and goes after is at the highest level, sparing no expense. Whatever needs to be done, Ignite is on its way to developing into a world-renowned cannabis brand.

Lowell Herb Co produces the most innovative all-natural cannabis products on the market. 

If you’re looking for an all-organic top-tier cannabis brand, Lowell Herb Co offers the lion’s share of originality.